Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Stern Gallery Tel Aviv

Many people would like to own art but are often overwhelmed by the choice and price range.

Art isn’t like a car. It doesn’t come off a production line and therefore has its unique value based on criteria one may not be familiar with.

Many people ask themselves:

  • How do I know it’s good art?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Can I trust this gallery?

Good questions indeed! Especially if you are just visiting Israel and are not familiar with the local art scene.

Not all sources for buying art are trustworthy. Therefore it’s crucial to buy from renown gallerists that have the knowledge and expertise to help you purchase art you will be proud to own at the price that you are comfortable spending.

We at Stern Gallery have been selling great art for over 40 years and are extremely proud of our reputation.

Specializing in the most established names of Israeli and international Jewish art, we have always been acclaimed for high quality art, professionalism and reliability.

We can help you!

  • If you are looking for a particular artist – you can use our search box or browse our artist index.
  • Are you interested in classic Israeli art? Check here.
  • Are you interested in contemporary Israeli art? Check here
  • How about nineteenth century views of the holy land? Look here.
  • Would you like to arrange a visit? Please contact us at 

We hope you will find art that you like. We assure that you will be proud to own art that has been carefully selected by the experts at Stern gallery.

Contact us!