Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Past Exhibitions

Summer Show 2016

Our Summer Show is comprised of an eclectic display from our wide collection, presenting artworks of varied styles and periods. All of our works are authentic and for sale. Although Leead Shamir’s exhibition “Open Ends” has ended, we are still displaying a large variety of her artworks. Looking forward to seeing you!  

Briss – Childhood Memories (2015)

The childhood memories of Briss, from Jassy, his home town in Romania, connect two contrasting worlds. Life in the large Jewish community of Jassy, instilled the Jewish culture deep into his being. Concurrently, Briss was exposed to the Christian world, rich with traditional Romanian art and the famous icons of Jassy, the former capital of […]

Leead Shamir – Open Ends

Although the exhibition has ended there are still a few artworks by Leead Shamir hanging in the gallery, come visit us! Open ends imply a process, a quest and indeed, Leead Shamir sees the work of art as an infinite course of action. The extremes that appeared in her first solo show in 2013, “A […]

Spring Fever

This is an eclectic display from our wide collection, presenting artworks of varied styles and periods. All of our works are authentic and for sale. We have also dedicated a space for small-scale, more affordable artworks by our featured artists.  

Avraham Binder – Sea of lights

Avraham Binder, born in 1907, studied at the art academy in Vilnius and immigrated to Israel in 1929, with his parents and younger sister Tzila. He enrolled in the Bezalel Academy of Arts, however left shortly after, due to the conservative nature of the institute. He then moved to Haifa and worked in the family bookbinding […]

Gil Haller – RELICS

Although it seems that figurative art is self-explanatory, Haller’s paintings present riddles that ‎require deciphering. He started collecting images after his parents passed away, both of them were ‎holocaust survivors. While clearing out their home he found boxes of carefully kept photos, each ‎representing a cherished memory that survived the war. Some photos are of […]

Masha Berman (2015)

The Eye of the Storm In the eye of the storm there is room for only one: Masha Berman, on account of the fact that in Masha’s total world there is no “we” but only “I”. Beneath her expressive style underlies a deep knowledge of painting and art history, as can be expected of a […]

A Breath of Air – Leead Shamir (2013)

It is only out of density that one can can breath as only from darkness can the light be seen. Thus, Leead Shamir confronts her demons and searches for space in her creations – diving to the deep and rising for a breath of air. She erupts with force, exposing, covering and exposing again, spilling […]