Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Stern Gallery at ArTi fair

We were happy to participate in the first edition of ArTi, organized by Tiroche Auction House. Our booth featured a mini exhibition of Nechama Levendel as well as paintings by Lee-ad Shamir, Masha Berman, Avraham Binder, Shlomo Meir, Varda Sand, Yoel Gilinsky and Nava Gidanian.
Here are some photos from the event:

Arti - Nechama Levendel, Stern Gallery Arti - Nechama Levendel, Debby Luzia, Sason Gabay, Stern Gallery Arti - Nechama Levendel and Sason Gabay, Stern Gallery Arti - Meir Stern, Nelly Aman, Stern Gallery Arti - Stern GalleryArti - Nechama Levendel and Gavri Banai, Stern Gallery Arti - Jonathan and Nurit Zalsman and Carmit Blumensohn, Stern Gallery Arti - Debby Luzia, Benny Pri-Zan, Stern Gallery Arti - Debby Luzia and Tzameret Fuerst, Stern Gallery Arti - Debby Luzia and Manor Gera, Stern Gallery