Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Leead Shamir – Open Ends

  • Although the exhibition has ended there are still a few artworks by Leead Shamir hanging in the gallery, come visit us!

Open ends imply a process, a quest and indeed, Leead Shamir sees the work of art as an infinite course of action. The extremes that appeared in her first solo show in 2013, “A breath of air” continue to echo in her new work: beauty and grotesque, exposure and concealment, density and space, but here, three years after, we witness the maturation of a high quality, complex artistic voice, manifested in powerful, confident strokes and well built compositions.

This exhibition is defined by a distancing of the artist from the role of a storyteller and a new devotion to the pure language of art: line and color. Although Leead has not completely shed the story (so few artists actually do), moving towards abstraction brings her closer to the freedom she seeks, that which she can only obtain in her art.

“The falling leaves blow in the wind, faded, worthless, crushed under foot. But I find beauty in them, picking them up and puting them in heavy books, discovering them a few years later firm, straight and touching.” Leead Shamir

Leead Shamir has the soul of a gatherer. Stones, flowers, leaves preserved among yellowing pages and also artistic inspiration; Franz Kline, Tsibi Geva and Khen Shish are among the artists that inspire her work and illuminate her journey.

An artist’s second exhibition, like an author’s second book, a musician’s second album, raises much higher expectations than the first. Leead Shamir definitely delivers in this exciting show and raises the bar for her next achievement.

Debby Luzia
Exhibition Curator