Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Avraham Binder – Sea of lights

Avraham Binder, born in 1907, studied at the art academy in Vilnius and immigrated to Israel in 1929, with his parents and younger sister Tzila. He enrolled in the Bezalel Academy of Arts, however left shortly after, due to the conservative nature of the institute. He then moved to Haifa and worked in the family bookbinding studio. Eventually, he settled in Tel-Aviv in 1934 where he lived and worked till his death at the grand age of 95.

Binder was an enthusiastic and a prolific painter with an extraordinary flair for color and true qualities of a virtuoso artist, perfected during a career that lasted 70 years. His skills were specifically noticeable in his watercolor paintings, a technique that requires a high proficiency. Yet many of Binder’s oil paintings also have the translucency of watercolors due to his amazing talent.

Binder painted the everyday and the landscapes of his beloved land: His city Tel-Aviv with its buildings, markets and beaches, the Galil and the desert, the flora and the people of Israel. He also enjoyed painting interiors, all in his recognizable style.

No doubt that Binder’s optimistic character (and that of his beloved wife Sara, who passed away last year at the age of 97) contributed to his longevity. Even is his final year, at the age of 94, he held an exhibition at “Beit Bialik”.

This exhibition presents a humble collection of Binder’s extensive variety of work, which has kept its freshness and relevance even 15 years after his death.