Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Classic Israeli Art

Although Israeli art is less than a hundred years old, we boast an impressive canon of art. In this period of time, Israeli art has gone through many different stages, with artists seeking inspiration in the land itself, with prominent subjects being landscapes, figures and daily life. The major shift in the history of Israeli art was […]

Contemporary Israeli Art

Israel is a small country but nevertheless boasts a vibrant contemporary art scene. We are proud to introduce a new line of talented upcoming Israeli artists. Our aim is to encourage young collectors to invest in young talent. Encouraging young art is an important factor in the development of the Israeli culture. We believe that the combination of classic […]

International Jewish Art

Our international Jewish art collection is based mainly on artists from the “School of Paris”, a large group of Jewish artists from various parts of Europe that gathered in Paris between the two world wars. Other well known Jewish artists in our collection originate from Holland, Germany and England.

Holy Land

In the nineteenth century “The Orient” was a source of attraction for many Europeans. The Holy-land had it’s own special appeal and many artists were drawn to it. The focus was on Jerusalem with it’s dramatic topography, surrounded by hills and the old city with it’s romantic wall and temples. Views of Jerusalem continue to […]