Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Gutman Nachum

Born in Serbia
Immigrated to Israel in 1905

Nachum Gutman came to Palestine at the age of seven, in 1905, and the family settled in Neveh Tzedek, one of the first neighbourhoods built outside the walls of Jaffa, later to become Tel-Aviv. In 1917, at the age of 15, Gutman studied at the Bezalel academy in Jerusalem. His studies were interrupted by the first world war. Gutman recorded his experiences from these years in illustrated books that he created. In fact, for many years, he was mostly renown as an illustrator, before acquiring recognition as an artist.He was especially known for his children books.

Till his death at the age of 82, Gutman received many prizes and recognition as one of the most important “Eretz Israel” artists. In Neveh Zedek the Nachum Gutman museum holds a large collection of the artist’s work, ranging from illustrations to paintings and sculpture.