Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
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Band Max


Max Band was born in Lithuania where he struggled with a difficult childhood. ‎After losing his father at the three and his mother only two years later Band ‎grew up under challenging conditions. ‎

He eventually decided to leave his hometown to move to Germany for three ‎years in order to study painting at the ‘Acamdemie Libre’ and in 1923 moved on ‎to Paris where he met and befriended the artists of the ‘School of Paris’. He ‎worked with these on further developing his technique before deciding to settle ‎in New York upon the break out of World War Two. ‎

The influences of the painters of this era are extremely apparent in Band’s work ‎later aiding him in gaining international recognition. He exhibited in a number of ‎successful shows in New York before his death in 1974. ‎